Our Foundation

Bitmama started as a WhatsApp community in 2016 when the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape in Africa were still very nascent. The goal at the onset was to provide a safe ground for users to conduct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions. Bitmama quickly gained popularity among the crypto community as one of the earliest reliable trading platforms, earning the founder, Ruth Iselema the renowned name “Bitmama of Africa”.

In 2019,  Bitmama evolved beyond P2P trading, to other practical use cases of cryptocurrency in a bid to solve challenges within Africa`s fragmented payment landscape. This resulted in the successful deployment of two flagship products — the first, Bitmama.io, expanded beyond a crypto exchange to offer users relatable real-life use-cases for their stablecoins, such as grocery shopping,  online payments etc., shifting their minds from the prevailing buy-low-sell-high offering of most exchanges. Changera.co, the second flagship product evolved in 2021 as a platform that facilitates cross-payments for people and businesses.


Today, thousands of users globally rely on both products for their FX settlement and cross-border remittance, under the Bitmama Inc holding company. Users are able to utilise cryptocurrencies for day-to-day payments, request virtual debit cards, pay utilities online and stake their assets to hedge against currency devaluation and inflation. 

Key to Bitmama Inc.`s successful operations is its remote team distributed across Africa, Europe, North America and the United Kingdom. To date, Bitmama Inc. remains true to its mission of powering cross-border payments using frontier technologies across emerging markets and the founder, Ruth Iselema is regarded as one of the earliest female pioneers of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology in Africa.

Our Core Focus

Using Frontier Technologies like blockchain and AI to solve everyday challenges with cross-border payments, remittance,  FX liquidity, limitless virtual debit cards and securing virtual multi-currency accounts and cards, limitless transactions, competitive FX rates, and digital wallets. 

Stablecoin infrastructure that enables settlements for the following use cases;


We currently operate in 12 countries, where thousands of businesses and people trust Bitmama with international payments while guaranteeing efficiency, and heightened asset protection. Bitmama`s suites of digital products help companies and individuals to move money freely around the world. 

Our processes uphold the highest levels of security standards and global regulatory compliance. Using stablecoin infrastructure, we enable settlement for numerous use cases such as virtual accounts, flight bookings, on/off ramps, virtual card transactions and inflation hedging.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage blockchain and other frontier technologies to solve everyday problems in society.

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Our Vision

Our mission is to leverage blockchain and other frontier technologies to solve everyday problems in society.


Our Culture

At Bitmama, we have our community of “Bitstars” (Bitmama users ) and Changera network of “Changers” … These identities allow a sense of cohesion to permeate our communities, and reflect our passion in how we bring our mission and vision to life.

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